Photo Credit: Bluetree Photography

We are Chad and Andrea. We are a husband and wife photography team. 
We specialize in capturing moments. We are wildlife photographers and advocates. We are family and lifestyle photographers. And when there is no wildlife or people to capture on camera, we are landscape photographers who happen to take way too many photos of their dog.  
Our passion for photography began with our first Grizzly Bear encounter in 2007. Since then we have hiked, traveled, and been awed by the world around us. Every time we think this world cannot get more crazy and amazing, it does. Be it bear cubs, fox kits, monk seals, humpback whales, turtles, owls and birds of all sizes, wild horses, a sunset over a canola field, we are continuously amazed at what we find to photograph in the wild. Yet we will always love Grizzly Bears.
We are both artists at heart. We believe in the art of story. We love photos. We love playing with light, creating art with a camera. We love that we both photograph the same subject and have remarkably different photos. 
We strive to find the beauty that exists in our world and capture that moment in time. 

Our story